I have my own Studio in the quarter de Pijp in Amsterdam since 35 years

with original designs for customers also abroad, among others artists and

theatre groups; I make all my designs to measure.

My collection varies from fashion to wearable art sculptures.

Most of my designs are skintight, so it need to be fitted perfectly on ones body.

Customers can choose from my collection and then it is specially handmade for them.

I give advise, I accentuate in a design the strongest points in ones body.

That can be a catsuit with inflatable breasts or a stunning bat dress for a party, a sexy

wedding dress or a beautifully shaped leather jacket.

When women wear my designs there is a transformation in their behavior, because they

feel comfortable, sexy and stylish and that makes them self assured.

Most of them come back and tell me that they were overwhelmed with compliments.

For me this generates a lot of satisfaction.

Above all I want to give women a good feeling with my creation and about themselves.


Celebreties like Nance, Sylvana, Ellen ten Damme, Robine van de Meer,

Marianne Timmer, Maartje van Weegen, Justin Bieber wear already

Ellen Schippers designs.


Her fashion can be admired in the clip of the Dutch rockband Racoon